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September 4, 2015 | Posted by: Cube Team

Cube joins Professional Advisory Services (PAS) Panel

Effective from 1 September 2015, Cube Group became a member of the Whole of Victorian Government Professional Advisory Services (PAS) Panel.

We found out more in an interview with Cube Group’s lead of Commercial and Financial Advisory services, Rob Camm.

Is this a new panel?

Yes, it replaces the commercial panel that Cube had also been a member of since 2008. The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) is responsible for administering this open State Purchase Contract (SPC).

The PAS Panel will have an initial term of three years to August 2018, with two one‐year extension options.

In what categories is Cube Group on the panel?

We were delighted to have been appointed to the panel as a preferred supplier in all 6 of the Commercial and Financial Advisory Services categories:

  • Strategic Policy Review, and Reform Project Development
  • Business Case Preparation and Development
  • Market Engagement and Implementation
  • Commercial Contract Management
  • Project, Program and Business Review
  • General Commercial Advice (incorporating Commercial negotiations).

These categories reflect our firm’s service lines and commitment to delivering public value outcomes.

Public Value

How does this panel benefit you?

Cube Group (as a Panel Service Provider) can be engaged with relative ease, since contract terms have been agreed to in advance, and purchasing processes have been simplified. The Panel provides increased levels of value to agencies, with providers having agreed in advance to maximum rates.

It also provides increased levels of quality assurance, since we have had to demonstrate our high levels of achievement and expertise in these categories and DTF will undertake ongoing monitoring of those appointed. There is also greater efficiency in being able to locate experienced and suitable providers with good track records such as a firm like ours.

Which Victorian public sector groups can use the panel?

This panel has been designed for and is open to use by budget entities, effectively every Victorian government department or agency. Non-budget entities such as local councils, organisations that are partly funded by government, and charitable or not-for-profit organisations may also use the panel.

What does panel membership mean for Cube Group?

Being a Panel member means we are pre-qualified to conduct work across the Panel’s service categories and supply our services to you with administrative ease. From our prior panel membership we were able to operate to standard contract terms, offer support in across many important areas, and to build upon our experience and expertise.

We are looking forward to continuing to work on interesting and meaningful public value engagements under this Panel.

What should you do if you wish to engage Cube Group under this panel?

You may need to seek guidance from your procurement team in accessing the panel. Departments and government agencies are required to seek approval from DTF’s Strategic Sourcing group to engage Service Providers from the Panel, to assist with the management and appropriate use of the Panel.


How did Cube Group get onto the panel?

This follows a recent rigorous procurement process, in which we were asked to demonstrate our team skills, experience and organisational capacity. The fact that we are a Panel member in all categories is a reflection on the breadth and depth of Commercial and Financial Advisory projects we have undertaken across the Victorian Public Sector in the last decade.

Our team not only has networks and a wealth of experience of consulting to clients inside and outside government, but also a robust knowledge of the relevant processes, frameworks and guidelines; and has delivered projects across major investment initiatives in accordance with these. Two of our key personnel (Rob Camm and Steve Russell) are accredited to participate in Gateway Reviews, with Vicky Kyris accredited as an Investment Management Standard  practitioner; and Peter Tsyer formerly with the DTF Commercial team.

Our firm’s public value focus means that Cube’s capability is tailored for the public sector. We have an in-depth understanding of policy, legislation, culture, commercial partnerships, service models and common business challenges. Our experience is complemented by the commercial backgrounds of many of our team, uniquely positioning us to understand the interaction between the public and private sectors from both perspectives.

Where can you go for more information on this panel?

Public information will soon be made available on the Victorian Government procurement website.

Is Cube Group on other government panels?

Yes. Cube Group remains on the whole of Victorian Government e-services panel for ICT related works. We are also on panels with individual departments and Councils.

For more information on this panel, please contact us below.

Public Value

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