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March 23, 2016 | Posted by: Cube Team

Doing more good things… welcoming Andrew Millhouse and Georgina Stewart-James

Cube Group is delighted to announce the addition of Consultants Georgina Stewart-James and Andrew Millhouse to our team, where they will be helping our clients in a variety of sectors to make an even greater difference to the lives of Australians.

Coming from a People and Culture background, Georgina brings an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing public sector organisations as they seek to leverage their human capital to build sustainable communities which are safer, healthier and more connected. She has a strong analytical ability which operates concurrently with her strategic focus. This approach has enabled her to successfully deliver a number of organisational development initiatives in the public sector, particularly within the context of cultural and organisational change, and learning and development.

Andrew’s public sector experience crosses the justice, youth, local and state government, and youth sectors. He is experienced in project management, process analysis, strategy, organisational design and management, social entrepreneurship and facilitation.  Andrew’s career has been driven by a commitment to contributing to public value and having a positive impact. He is passionate about using his problem solving and stakeholder management skills to develop innovative and lasting solutions to complex problems.

Getting to know Georgina and Andrew

We had a quick Q&A session with Georgina and Andrew to find out what makes them tick…

Why did you join Cube Group?

Andrew: Cube provides a unique opportunity to solve problems in a way I enjoy and value, while doing projects with real community impact. The analytical thinking required of consulting makes for intellectually stimulating and enjoyable work. Working with Public Value organisations also means I can do meaningful work, tackling complex and important challenges.

Georgina: I’ve always enjoyed working in public sector roles and putting to use my qualifications in psychology and social sciences. A role at Cube affords me the chance to utilise learned concepts, and work for clients and on projects that I really care about.

What are you most proud of in your career to date?

Andrew: I’m proud to have been involved in founding a social enterprise in Slingshot and in playing a leadership role in the early years of a non-profit, COMET. Slingshot focused on reducing youth anxiety and depression through provision of consultation, education and training services to schools, councils and groups that work with youth. COMET sought to reduce youth crime through legal education. Both organisations utilised my youth work experience, which is also work I’m proud to have been part of. I continue to be actively involved in Slingshot.

Georgina: Survey data within a Public Sector organisation indicated the existence of cultural issues following an organisational integration. Utilising strategies based on current engagement literature, I implemented a plan which created an improved workplace culture by engaging employees and senior leaders in creating change together. The organisation demonstrated the third largest positive improvement across the state in the following year. Subsequently, the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) developed a case study regarding the organisation’s success in demonstrating improvements in organisational culture, which was widely distributed across the public sector.

Who has inspired you?

Andrew: These individuals fall into two camps. There are those from a formal context: employers and lecturers from University who taught me how to pull problems apart and articulate myself clearly, and always found time to for me. The others are informal. My dad, who started his own company, for his work ethic and support. A group of friends from University that worked, studied and volunteered at the same time, for having a clear vision and giving something back.

Georgina: My partner, who has worked at DELWP, DJR and in local government for her positivity. I would also add my best friend who is inspiring for her confidence, intelligence and hard work; combining a Masters of Law study with full-time employment.

You have worked in the public sector for a while, what are the biggest lessons you have learnt in that time?

Andrew: It’s important to focus on outputs and metrics and even more important to remember the end goal is delivering an outcome to the community — creating Public Value.

Georgina: My four years with VCGLR showed that implementing projects well required ownership, and projects are not just about the What, but the Why and How are equally important.

What is on your agenda for 2016?

Andrew: Developing my consulting skills, working with a diversity of clients and project types; as well as learning from the vast array of skills and experience that exist amongst my new Cube Group colleagues. I am also genuinely excited by the opportunities that Cube’s Good Things Program brings, with the chance to support not-for-profit organisations and give them access to cost effective consulting services.

Georgina: My first year at Cube will be all about: understanding the business and its range of services, developing my skill sets, seeking opportunities for growth, shadowing my colleagues and contributing to practice development.

So that’s a lot of work-related things, do you have any passions outside work?

Andrew: I’m relatively new to Melbourne having only lived here for a year. I was born and raised in Hobart and studied at UTAS. So I am really enjoying getting to know the city (especially its diversity and coffee) and Victoria; whilst also finding time to get back to Tasmania to catch up with friends and family. I remain hugely passionate about social entrepreneurship, start-ups and not-for profits. I’m also an amateur guitar player and sportsman – in fact, I’m very amateur!

Georgina: I am a real creature of habit and I love black, green and herbal tea. In fact my tea collection and teapot came with me on my first day in the Cube Group office! I’m currently enjoying camping and hiking around Victoria and putting my survival skills to the test. I also really enjoy boxing, music and gardening.

All the team at Cube is looking forward to working with our newest team members, to make public value happen.


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