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September 25, 2015 | Posted by: Cube Team

Doing more good things… welcoming Christina Arnold

We are excited to introduce Christina Arnold as part of the Cube Group team. Christina joins us after a career in the Victorian Public Service, where she applied her expertise in project management, strategy, policy development and stakeholder engagement to projects of significance for the community.

With a focus on complex policy and change projects in the Justice and Public Safety sectors, including in the Supreme Court, Corrections Victoria and Victoria Police, Christina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Cube which will make an impact for our clients across many sectors and programs. Christina combines her experience with fresh perspectives, insights and an engaging personality. We asked Christina some questions to get to know her a bit better.

Getting to know Christina

What are you most proud of in your career to date?

I’m most proud of work I was involved with at Victoria Police in the Priority Communities Division. The Division led work to strengthen the way Victoria Police engages with communities who have experienced challenges in engaging with police or accessing police services, including Aboriginal, multicultural and LGBTI communities, young people, people experiencing mental health issues, people with a disability, and senior Victorians. The Division also takes leadership on human rights.

During my time there, I led some pretty major policy change as part of the Equality is not the same program of work that was about building cultural capability across the Victoria Police and looking at ways to strengthen how police interact with the public. I spent a lot of time working closely with operational members and gained strong knowledge about the challenges of decision making in a fast paced and complex working environment. I also had the opportunity to listen to community members and sector stakeholders and learn about some of the complexities and challenges faced by the Victorian community. This was huge for me, both personally and professionally. I think it is incumbent on all of us to learn about the life experiences of all parts of the community and make sure this informs and shapes how we deliver public value.

You worked in the public sector for a while, what are the biggest lessons you learned during that time?

So many lessons! My favourites are:

  • Proper, genuine change takes time and unyielding focus
  • Good ideas can fail when we don’t plan or think about change management enough
  • As much as you might feel personally invested in something, you don’t own the work – it belongs to the public and that is who you are working for
  • Think deeply about your values, how you can lead and inspire others to achieve change and look for leaders you can identify with
  • Don’t be afraid to say no – to poorly planned ideas, unrealistic expectations and anything else that does not sit comfortably with your values

Why did you join Cube Group?

I’m really passionate about public policy that delivers positive outcomes for community, and how organisations work to achieve those outcomes. I joined because Cube’s public value orientation, and genuine desire to help organisations to deliver value to the community is so strongly aligned with my own values.

I think the things that happen behind the scenes – strategy, planning, project management – can sometimes be viewed as bureaucratic or management guff that gets in the way of making change happen but actually, doing these things really well helps organisations to serve the community effectively and deliver positive outcomes.  For me, working for Cube allows me to support public policy and also help organisations achieve what they need to.

Who has inspired you?

I’m really inspired by the public sector and community organisations that are unrelenting in their commitment to human rights and who advocate for communities and social justice. I think when we talk about focus and agility, there is so much we can learn from these organisations.

I’m also inspired by women who show strong leadership and are committed to public value, like the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs and the former Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency Helen Conway.

What are you passionate about outside work?

Funny you should ask! I’m passionate about the Victorian music scene, which – speaking of public value – is such a vibrant and rich part of Victoria culture. I am a singer and songwriter on a number of different projects. One big project I am a part of is the Women of Soul ensemble. I’m front woman for garage soul band The Perfections. I also play a vintage Farfisa organ and a bit of guitar in local noise rock outfit Spinning Rooms. If that wasn’t enough, I’m working on a solo electro pop album too!

The Perfections
Christina Arnold

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