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October 6, 2014 | Posted by: Ben Schramm

Introducing Cube Group – It’s time to do (more) good things

October 2014 marks the launch of Cube Group, Australia’s first public value consultancy.

After more than a decade operating as Cube Management Solutions, Cube Group arrives with a simple reason for being: enhancing quality of life for all Australians. Some insights into why we’ve made the shift:

Making a bigger difference.

We created Cube Group because we want to make a bigger difference to the lives of Australians.  As Cube Management Solutions, we mostly worked with government departments, public entities and local councils. As Cube Group, we have the exciting opportunity to work with any organisation who exists to create public good, and that allows us to make public value happen on a much larger scale, which we are passionate about.

Reaching across Australia.

As Cube Management Solutions, demand for our services had taken us outside Victoria, into organisations and jurisdictions across Australia.  As Cube Group, we are making the transition to a consultancy with a truly national outlook and reach.

Starting public value conversations.

As Cube Management Solutions, we have been known as a management consultancy that worked with government clients.  As Cube Group, we have become Australia’s first public value consultancy, and in that role we can hold important conversations on public value, and encourage a spirit of public value entrepreneurship.

A little change to a big name.

Our new name, Cube Group, maintains our Cube title because we continue to look at the challenges of public value organisations from many perspectives and, along with our clients, we like it! Inclusion of the term ‘Group’ better reflects the extensive breadth of skills and experience we make available to our clients.

To our many clients across the years who have offered us the chance to help deliver over 1000 projects already, we say thanks – and we look forward to making public value happen with you into the future.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we do and where we’re heading! You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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  1. Very excited about the evolution of the Cube Group and I love the renewed focus on Public Value, it’s very innovative and reflective of the Cube attitude we’ve admired over the years. Congratulations Ben and team. John.

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