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Andrew Campbell


Responsive, pragmatic and considered

Andrew is an accomplished public sector specialist and manager, with extensive skills in policy development, project management, stakeholder engagement and program delivery.

He has a deep understanding of government with over a decade of experience in senior roles in Australia and the United Kingdom, including with the Mayor of London. Areas of particular expertise include the justice, primary industries, emergency management, health and human service sectors.

Andrew has a proven track record directing and managing major policy implementation, organisational reforms, strategic evaluations, and program reviews. With an acute understanding of the challenges clients face, Andrew’s work is tempered by a strong sense of pragmatism and the art of the possible.

Andrew also enjoys cooking, markets and the ongoing melodrama that is the Richmond Football Club!

Experience |  Highlights

  • Contributed to regulatory policy design and related organisational reforms for the introduction of risk-based licensing for the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation and Victorian Building Authority
  • Developed and implemented government policies and initiatives across the Justice portfolio. Andrew has led a broad range of strategic and business planning activities, including BERC funding bids, social marketing campaigns and departmental policies
  • Assisted Biosecurity Victoria to plan for the introduction of a new regulatory framework to govern alkaloid poppy processing and cultivation
  • Assisted the Department of Treasury and Finance with the development of the new framework for the Investment Lifecycle guidance material
  • Led a review of the National Transport Commission’s project management methodology, policy and practice.

Education  |  Accreditation  |  Boards

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Public Policy and Research)
  • PRINCE2 (Practitioner)
Public value is a huge responsibility, and for me there’s no other game in town.

Cube is an ethical business

Cube is proud to be Australia's 165th Certified B Corporation and to be using our business as a force for good.

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