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Gemma Tiernan


Gemma is known for her highly intelligent and diligent approach . A creative problem solver, she thrives in an environment where she can process ideas with like-minded people. When faced with a challenge, Gemma ensures she takes the time to understand every factor that could impact stakeholders, patiently working through each possible scenario to find the smartest and most effective path forward. Thanks to her background in economics, Gemma is also able to think critically about where resources are best spent to ensure each outcome is commercially sound.

An expert communicator, Gemma uses language as a processing tool – helping her clients to understand and express their problems, wants and ideas clearly. She also possesses excellent writing and editing skills and is frequently called upon to refine communication collateral.

Gemma was first drawn to Cube for its friendly, egalitarian and open-minded culture and the team’s dedication to creating enduring public value. Her passion for gender equality extends to her life outside of work and she is committed to building a community that is socially, economically and politically fair.

Experience | Highlights

Gemma combines her background in economics with a highly analytical approach to deliver value for projects, including:

  • Stakeholder mapping and strategic planning for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • Consulting and evaluation for a counter violent extremism program
  • Evaluation of policies for a gambling and liquor harm minimisation progra

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Bachelor of Economics (hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts

Cube is an ethical business

Cube is proud to be Australia's 165th Certified B Corporation and to be using our business as a force for good.

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