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Georgina Stewart-James


Analytical, focused and practical

Georgina’s passion is organisational development and human behaviour. Georgina believes that organisations and their employees can benefit from well-designed workplaces that are aligned to the public value outcomes they seek to create.

Georgina has a strong analytical ability and strategic focus. She has successfully delivered a number of organisational development initiatives in the public sector, particularly within the context of cultural and organisational change, learning and development.

Combining a flair for analytical thinking and communication, Georgina effectively develops evidence-based business insights that drive continuous improvement, and project outcomes. She is passionate about solving problems and contributing to the community.

Experience   |   Highlights

Georgina brings an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing public sector, particularly through her experience in people and culture within government. Georgina has:

  • Designed and implemented a program to engage employees and senior leaders to improve the workplace culture. The following year, the organisation demonstrated the third largest positive improvement in the Victorian public sector.
  • Developed a Human Resource Metric Dashboard to capture and analyse key performance metrics. The system facilitated the growth of business intelligence, displaying a number of key metrics in an easily digestible format for decision makers.
  • Designed and implemented an internal Learning and Development survey to assess attitudes, beliefs and needs across the organisation.

Education  |  Accreditation  |  Boards

  • Bachelor of Psychology

Life away from Cube

Georgina enjoys camping, hiking, boxing, music, gardening and tea (but not all at once).


Public Value is more than just meeting the needs of the community, it means creating changes that actually improve lives at all levels (biologically, socially, economically, environmentally and psychologically).

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