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January 22, 2016 | Posted by: Rob Camm

Public value doesn’t go on holiday

Happy new year everyone!

From all of us at Cube, we hope that you had an enjoyable and safe holiday period.

We’re back in full swing at Cube and really excited to be helping to deliver more public value projects in 2016. If you missed Deb Symons‘ snapshot of all the great public value focused projects Cube contributed to in 2015, it’s well worth a look.

Many of us are returning to work and our normal routines after spending time with family and friends or kicking back at the beach, a pool, reading a good book and reflecting on the year just gone. But even though some of us have only recently returned to work, it’s important to remember that many organisations and individuals keep up their hard work delivering public value for the community throughout the break. Public value doesn’t go on holiday.

I wanted to share with you my reflections on the activities my family and I undertook over the holiday break, through the public value compass lens.


As we head out to enjoy time with friends or travel to places far afield we can be confident that we will be protected and can feel safe. Our police stations stay open and police patrol our streets, our courts still operate and our hospitals still care for us when we need it. Life savers watch over us at the beaches, Protective Services Officers (PSOs) help get us home from the cricket safely, ambulance staff and paramedics respond to needs for urgent medical help and other emergency services, including the MFB, CFA and SES, protect us from the ravages of events like fire and flood.



School might be out for summer but our public education institutions continue to deliver public value. Instead of educating the youth of today to become future leaders and contributors to society, our local school grounds provide valuable recreational space to contribute to our physical and mental health. Our local parks and gardens provide the opportunity for us to enjoy the company of family and friends, improving our sense of community connectedness and inclusion.


Our public transport and road system might carry a lighter load during the summer break, but it still continues to operate nonetheless. In addition, visible changes to public transport and roads are occurring across our city (e.g. level crossing removals). These changes are expected to provide an enabler for businesses and individuals to contribute to our local economy.


The weather at this time of the year provides the impetus to get outside and enjoy both the coast and hinterland. Our natural assets provide the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Organisations such as Parks Victoria, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) all play a part in ensuring that we and future generations can enjoy and benefit from these natural assets.

So next time you are taking time to smell the roses (maybe at the Victoria State Rose Garden at Werribee) perhaps also stop and reflect on the public value that is being delivered.

Here’s to an enjoyable and satisfying 2016!

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