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November 25, 2016 | Posted by: Cube Team

Welcoming Morris Orchard to the Cube team

We are delighted to introduce Consultant, Morris Orchard as the newest member of the growing Cube consulting team.

Morris’ experience spans key areas in government including transport and infrastructure, gaming, youth, economic development and community development. He has a broad range of skills and experience in policy and strategy development, stakeholder engagement, infrastructure planning and program management.

We asked Morris a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Why did you join Cube Group?

I thought it represented a challenge – to test and broaden my skills by helping a range of organisations facing different challenges. I was seeking a broader view of public value work, and consulting with Cube represented a way to achieve that. Some of my former bosses had moved away from the public sector, and I was encouraged by their experience to get out of my comfort zone.

Friends at Cube had always enthused about the firm and were passionate about the work they were doing. Cube Group works in a variety of sectors and service lines that really appeal to me and I’m looking forward to the learning curve that goes with that.

What are you most proud of in your career to date?

I’m most proud of projects where I’ve had to develop clear and credible policy responses in totally unfamiliar contexts. I was fortunate to have line managers who backed me in this, including in reforming regulatory arrangements for freight and developing policies for cycling.

I’ve also been proud of helping to build purpose and momentum in the teams that I’ve worked in. Through successive change processes, we’ve all contributed to building the sorts of organisations that we can be proud to work for.

Who has inspired you?

There are a number of colleagues and peers who have managed to quietly and calmly navigate positive changes through complex and hostile environments on contentious issues. I admire those who can get things done in government, when sometimes it can feel like the necessary checks and balances are set up to do the reverse.

In terms of leaders, I’ve admired those with the personal courage to turn around culture and challenge the established way of doing things for the better.

You have worked in the public sector for a while, what are the biggest lessons you have learnt in that time?

I’ve come to embrace the ebbs and flows through the year, the electoral cycle, and adapting to some cataclysmic changes in priority following a change in government or structural changes to the area I’m working in. The challenge as a sector is to retain institutional memory throughout the changes.

Also, the need to provide impartial advice while also delivering the agenda of the government of the day creates a constructive tension, and one that calls for strong organisational and personal values.

What is on your agenda for 2017?

I’m keen to work across a number of Cube’s services and sectors, not just in policy and not just in familiar subject areas. I would be interested to work with a not-for-profit or social enterprise, to test the skills I have gained from my volunteer work in a professional environment.

So that’s a lot of work-related things, do you have any passions outside work?

  • Starting, but not finishing, DIY projects…..don’t ever ask me to paint your house!
  • Camping, hiking and riding with good people (I love the Cathedral Ranges)
  • Volunteering with public value organisations. I have enjoyed watching young people develop and deliver public value in my role as Assistant Chief Commissioner for Scouts Victoria.

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