A skilled partner for purpose-driven organisations.

Our expert team works exclusively with for-purpose clients who share our commitment to creating public value for communities across Australia.

At Cube Group, our expertise and values come hand-in-hand. We’re energised by positive change, and thrive by working in partnership with our clients, growing capability and impact together. Our team are experts at unravelling some of our clients’ most knotty problems. We do that in three areas:

Bold Direction

We help clients shape strategic and business plans, develop robust business and investment cases, make informed commercial decisions, and craft public policy, including through stakeholder engagement.

High Performance

We help clients build modern, agile and high-performing organisations by developing future-ready operating models that consider leadership, governance, organisational structures, partnerships, and capability frameworks. We bring expert project and change management offerings to the table, to help our clients navigate to their future organisational state.

Positive Impact

We help clients demonstrate the difference their programs, services and initiatives are making for individuals, communities, industries, economies, places, and natural environments. Our evaluation practice is underpinned by expert data analysis skills, tools and techniques.
We’re a highly skilled firm with capabilities including strategic planning, policy development, organisation design and performance, program evaluation, transformation and implementation, commercial and financial advice, project management, and stakeholder and community engagement.

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Securing affordable primary care for all Australians

Amidst growing cost-of-living pressures, the number of GP clinics bulk billing standard non-concession adult consultations has decreased. In this article, we unpack some of the factors likely contributing to the decrease and explore some of the potential access implications. We hope this will spark curiosity and encourage a conversation about how to ensure that access to primary care remains affordable into the future for all Australians.

Topic Spotlight: Asking the ‘Why’ in Return-To-Office Mandates

Mandating that people are physically present doesn’t encourage collaboration, promote connection, or foster a positive culture. Start by asking why a mandate is necessary and target the real problem. Then you can build a culture that truly nurtures collaboration and connection, wherever your team is.