Our history

Our People

Ben Schramm began Cube in 2002 after recognising a crucial need for a values-based management consultancy that worked exclusively with purpose-driven organisations.

Cube gathered a small group of highly skilled former ‘Big 5’ management consultants and public sector executives with a shared passion for public value, and began working side-by-side with our clients to solve complex problems.

Through delivery of several landmark projects in emergency management, justice and human services, Cube quickly expanded its reputation and relationships and built the capability needed to address complex and contemporary public value challenges.

Today, the talented Cube Group team provides multi-disciplinary management consulting services to a comprehensive range of public value organisations in diverse sectors of our economy, across Australia.

Cube proudly remains fully Australian owned and operated, and committed to making public value happen in everything we do.

Ben Schramm

Cube is an ethical business

Cube is proud to be Australia's 165th Certified B Corporation and to be using our business as a force for good.

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