Supporting the organisations that support our communities

Working in partnership with not-for-profit organisations to build capability, plan for sustainability, and amplify impact.

Working in partnership with not-for-profit organisations to build capability, plan for sustainability, and amplify impact.

Not-for-profit organisations are inspired to create positive change in society. We understand. As a certified B Corp, purpose is a foundational part of who we are.

At Cube Group, our expertise and values go hand-in-hand. We’re energised by positive change. We thrive when we’re working in partnership with our clients, growing capability and impact together. Our team are experts at unravelling some of our clients’ most knotty problems.
We support not-for-profits to overcome challenges, provide supplementary support, build internal capability, and expand impact.
Our knowledge and strategies are fine-tuned to benefit purpose-driven organisations. This approach keeps us immersed in delivering public value. The heart of our work lies in making a positive difference for the communities our clients serve. 

Not-for-profits provide services to people and communities when they need them most.

By amplifying community voices and responding to needs, your organisation helps create a more engaged and inclusive society. You deserve partners who understand your context, work alongside you in true collaboration, and lead with the same commitment to purpose.

Unique challenges require knowledgeable partners

We understand the unique challenges and profound responsibilities that not-for-profits like yours shoulder every day. Our work is undertaken with a foundational knowledge of the complex environments you operate in. Our clients partner with us for assistance with:

Services suited to the sector

Our approach is grounded in a deep commitment to purpose-driven work, and a keen understanding of the unique challenges and aspirations of not-for-profits. We collaborate as a committed partner, ensuring the end result is perfectly tailored to support and enhance the vital work of our clients. We do this through a range of services, including:

Organisational Design and Performance ⭢

Building efficient, resilient organisational structures that are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Strategy ⭢

Crafting clear strategies and strategic plans that pave the way for sustained impact.

Governance ⭢

Developing governance frameworks, including board roles and responsibilities, organisational culture, conflicts, stakeholder engagement, and risk management.

Evaluations and Reviews ⭢

Working with internal evaluation teams to strengthen their existing capabilities or offer an independent assessment of organisational programs and impact.

Transformations ⭢

Guiding major changes with minimal disruption, ensuring continuity and excellence.

Business Cases and Commercial Expertise ⭢

Maximising the return on public dollars and delivering cost effective services for organisations, the government and the community.

Project and Change Management ⭢

Implementing new initiatives smoothly with lasting positive outcomes.

Communication and Engagement ⭢

Ensuring your message resonates with stakeholders and aligns with community values.

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