Barbara Dixon


About Barbara

Barbara recognises Cube as the ideal environment to further her passion for public value. She enjoys working with a team of like-minded people to improve social policy and create beneficial and accessible programs for all Australians.
Skilled in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, as well as evaluation framework design, Barbara specialises in process and outcome assessment of complex health and social programs. She is also an impressive communicator who ensures the development of a strong narrative in evaluations in order to maximise the impact of each of her programs.
When not at work, Barbara is kept busy by her two young children and loves to read in her (rare) moments of quiet time. Before becoming a mother, she was an avid traveller, and looks forward to exploring the world again with her children once they grow older.

Experience  |  Highlights

Barbara's recent work includes:
  • Led a comprehensive evaluation of a Victorian based program focused on engaging young people with aspects of community life and provide them with education and employment opportunities.
  • Led an evaluation of community engagement program which provides townships with funding and empowers them to become the decision makers for project implementation and budget expenditure
  • Key contributor to process and outcomes evaluations for a number of Corrections and Justice programs implemented by the Victorian Government and Victoria Police
  • Developed various surveys and accompanying analysis to test the financial impact of breast cancer for Australians

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Master of Public Health