Chanel Shaya

Business Administrator

About Chanel

An organised and detail-oriented professional with a keen mind for improving systems and processes, Chanel helps keep Cube running smoothly. She is committed to balancing innovation and social responsibility and was drawn to Cube’s B Corp certification and dedication to community impact.

Chanel is passionate about leadership and community engagement, leading a senior citizens club and serving as the president of the GO Youth Northcote youth club. These roles give her an opportunity to embrace her organisational skills, attention to detail, and genuine passion for fostering community wellbeing.

Public value is a true motivator for Chanel and she is enthusiastic about bringing this passion, along with her expert administration skills, to her role at Cube.

Outside of work, you may find Chanel reading a book or binge-watching Friends, Brooklyn 99 or Gilmore Girls. She loves ocean swimming, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Chanel also owns a cafe and retail store with her mum. 

Experience | Highlights

  • Founded and actively manages a weekly club for senior citizens, growing membership from 12 to 45+ members aged 65 and above. Responsibilities include meal preparation, recreational activities, group excursions, and light fitness routines to address and alleviate loneliness among the elderly post-COVID-19. The club’s initiatives have resulted in increased community interaction and improved physical activity contributing to enhanced mental and physical well-being.
  • As president of the GO Youth Northcote club, Chanel leads and oversees a dynamic youth club catering to individuals aged 18-29, driving strategic growth and community engagement. In this capacity, she has:
    • Directed comprehensive marketing initiatives across Instagram and Facebook, successfully maintaining an online following of over 2,000.
    • Organised a series of events featuring expert speakers on mental health, career development, and personal growth, drawing attendance of up to 110 youth per event.
    • Hosted an acclaimed virtual session with a U.S.-based psychologist on managing anxiety and self-dialogue, contributing significantly to the mental well-being of the members.
    • Facilitated a supportive network within the club, ensuring members feel an enduring sense of community and personal connection.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), La Trobe University
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Human Physiology and Anatomy), La Trobe University