Chantel Cant

Team Coordinator

About Chantel

Chantel is an enthusiastic team player with a desire to always “get it right the first time”. Chantel has worked across industries as diverse as hotels and tourism to engineering consultancies.  She draws on this diverse professional background, to quickly analyse a situation and provide support to her colleagues across proposal development, project delivery, research and reporting. Her systemised approach allows Chantel keep sight of priorities in her multifaceted role as team coordinator and provide the best possible outcomes for the team and their clients.

Chantel was drawn to Cube because of the interesting and dynamic nature of the role, she strongly believes her experience in team coordination and knowledge management can strengthen Cube’s internal practices and enable the team to deliver public value more efficiently.

When she is not at Cube Chantel enjoys travel and experiencing new cultures, architecture and food. Chantel also has an affinity for art and can often be found painting, particularly on rainy days.