Claire Marshall

Senior Consultant

About Claire

Pragmatic and approachable, Claire is a strong analytical thinker, motivated by the opportunity to work with a wide range of people to deliver high-value, tangible outcomes. She brings people together using her strategic, service planning, evaluation, and complex change experience. Claire is able to find the balance between the strategic ‘big picture’ thinking and data-driven practicalities.

Claire is especially passionate and experienced in the health and human services sectors, particularly when the two sectors intersect. Claire relishes the opportunity to untangle complexities across systems, she leverages her sector experience to design solutions that create positive change for communities. Claire understands that outcomes need to consider the ripple effects for consumers in other areas of their lives.

Known for her ability to quickly build rapport across complex organisations to facilitate collective problem solving. Whether you’re a senior executive in government or a frontline worker out in the community, Claire will find the solution that works for your organisation and its unique challenges.

Outside of work, Claire is a keen hiker and reader. She and her partner succumbed to the ‘COVID puppy’ and she’s commonly found in the various dog parks of Melbourne’s inner-west chasing after a tail-less red hound. Claire is always happy to have a chat about health sector policy and strategy, her favourite book…or her dog.

Experience  |  Highlights

Claire's recent work includes:
  • Managed a range of projects focused on gender equality, justice, governance, education and community driven development across the Asia-Pacific.
  • Contributed to a comprehensive evaluation of a Victorian based program focused on engaging young people with aspects of community life and provide them with education and employment opportunities.
  • Developed and managed work plans and budgets for programs up to $12 million.
  • Developed streamlined project management tools including recruitment, staff induction processes, procurement, and a staff performance management process for projects in Myanmar.

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of International Relations