Kim Annesley

People & Culture Business Partner

About Kim

A human resource and workplace training professional with extensive experience, Kim has worked within the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in consulting and in-house roles. At Cube, Kim is responsible for delivering our full suite of People services.   Kim believes that fostering exceptional talent is vital for the successful growth of a business and that people development should be a strategic priority of a business – right from its earliest stages. 

Her experience includes designing and delivering workplace learning and development programs, through to performance management systems and incentive programs. 

Kim is passionate about finding unique ways to empower individuals, and businesses, to achieve their full potential. At Cube, Kim relishes building an innovative and inspiring workplace culture strategy and enjoys the unique opportunities available in a fast growing and diverse firm. 

When not at Cube, Kim loves travelling, discovering as much of the world as possible, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Experience | Highlights

Kim's recent work includes:
  • Introducing the Team Management Profile to Cube as a tool to foster diversity, build cohesion, and increase productivity and individual growth mindsets. The insights gained sparked a major change initiative designed to leverage our diverse work preferences and passions.

  • Designing and delivering client workshops using the Team Management Profile to foster diversity of thought, appreciation of work styles and help a newly formed executive leadership team \work cohesively during a period of significant change.  

  • Implementing a staged approach to improved performance management, utilising technology to drive supportive conversations that focus on  on individual strengths aligned with organisational strategy. 

  • Initiating a small group and individual coaching program for all Cubies to build resilience and foster a change mindset. Improving engagement, positivity and productivity across the team.  

  • Driving workplace flexibility through a range of initiatives including renewed leave practices, championing effective work-from-anywhere and approaches which support productivity and help team members to flourish.  

  • Introducing a Flex Playbook as a guide to translating our Flexible Work Policy into practice. 

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Master of Business Administration – Monash University

  • Master of Human Resource Management – Monash University

  • Bachelor of Management (Human Resources and Tourism) – University of Ballarat 

  • Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment 

  • Team Management Systems (TMS) accredited 

  • Trimetrix EQ – Triple Science Profile (including DISC, Motivators and Emotional Quotient) accredited 

  • Mental Health First Aid certified