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October 6, 2014 | Posted by: Ben Schramm

Public value – thinking differently

What is public value?

Public value is about enriching the lives of Australians. For Cube Group, it is the outcomes achieved by our clients – government departments, public entities, not for profit businesses, volunteer organisations and local councils.

Every public value organisation plays a unique role, whether it is schools educating our kids, fire and emergency services protecting our lives or transport organisations safely connecting us to where we need to go. What brings them together is their shared focus: delivering positive community outcomes.

What are public value challenges?

The challenge for all public value organisations is driven by the expectations of the Australian community. Today these expectations are higher than ever, because in many ways the broader community does not differentiate between public value organisations and the private sector. Cafes, banks, and supermarkets are constantly innovating and re-inventing their products and services. This sets a benchmark that public value organisations are compelled to meet.

There is an expectation that public value organisations must constantly evolve to provide greater choice, accessibility, equity, self-service, and value for money. The community of today is seeking health, safety, protection, social inclusion, conservation, and justice. The demand for public value is complex and constantly changing, and responding to this demand is probably the greatest challenge for today’s public value leaders.

How can we create a meaningful solution?

Cube Group works with public value leaders to help define the unique public value outcomes their organisations deliver as well as their point of difference. With that foundation, together we can explore different and more productive ways of thinking. Achieving more, often with less, means we need imagination and innovation to develop the next generation of policies, strategies and business models. It demands a spirit of public value entrepreneurship.

Increasingly, we are seeing this, with a new wave of public value products and services reaching the community and meeting that demand head on. The pace of change in public value organisations is really picking up, and at Cube Group, it is an evolution that we are excited by. We enjoy rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with our clients, thinking creatively to make a difference together.

Public Value

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