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Local government delivers public amenities and services to support the wellbeing of local communities. They deliver public value with a range of positive outcomes for communities such as crime prevention and public safety, social connectedness, through to environmental management. Today’s leaders in this sector are faced with increasing community expectations competing with economic, social and environmental pressures.

Local government is afforded a unique position as the closest tier of government to communities, with distinct operating models, and in many cases a diverse demographic to serve. Municipalities must be actively anticipating and responding to community needs.

Think big, act locally

At Cube Group, we help our clients identify problems and deliver value-for-money solutions tailored to meet the needs of local stakeholders. We love the diversity of work in this sector and delivering on projects with a tangible impact for local communities.

Our award-winning consultancy work includes collaborations between municipalities, as well as bringing together community, local, state, and federal government stakeholders. We manage and facilitate projects, and are adept at working in the field with communities.

Some of our local government projects

  • Development of a regional collaboration model for emergency management initiatives
  • Co-ordination of the procurement of a multi-Council after hours call service
  • Facilitation of a best practice review of finance and governance
  • Review and analysis of critical Council plans and processes
  • Testing and training Council staff in disaster scenarios

Cube Group is a preferred panel supplier to some metropolitan municipalities in Victoria.

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