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Emergency services and public safety organisations protect life and property and create a safe and resilient Australia. Today’s leaders in this sector are faced with increasing demand to deliver frontline services when and where they are needed.

Emergency management and public safety organisations are unique, with distinct cultures and operating models, and in many cases, a volunteer workforce. Every day they balance the need for community resilience and self-sufficiency, with real-time incident response.

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At Cube Group, we help our clients build and deliver some of the best emergency management and public safety solutions in the world. We love the complexity and challenges of this sector and work on projects across the full spectrum of emergency management, from preparedness to response and recovery.

Our award-winning consultancy work encompasses local, state and federal government initiatives. We manage and deliver national initiatives, prepare formal submissions, put together business cases, facilitate multi-agency workshops, and work in the field with communities.

Some of our public safety and emergency management projects

  • Development of a National Fire Danger Rating System concept
  • Regionalisation of emergency call-taking and dispatch for police and ambulance
  • Review of governance arrangements for national public safety mobile broadband
  • Implementation of a system of emergency markers to assist police, fire and ambulance incident response
  • Development of strategic frameworks and training strategies for emergency services
  • Designed and delivered emergency preparedness exercises
  • National review of emergency warnings and information
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