Organisational Design and Performance

Supporting public purpose organisations’ impact with Cube’s organisational design and performance practice

Focussing on what matters

We help public purpose organisations rise to challenges and improve their performance.

Whether we’re designing a new operating model, reimagining an organisation’s design, or identifying improvements to processes and functions, we help clients connect to purpose, deliver on their mission, improve accountability and ‘manageability’, and increase engagement and connection.

Our approach is engagement-led and built on a deep understanding of the contemporary challenges teams and leaders face. We bring fresh thinking and emotional intelligence to the table, take the time to understand what good looks like, and focus on building enduring capability.

Pragmatic support

Clients value the balanced and informed approach our team brings, as well as the EQ that brings out their team’s best. This means an appreciation of interests, robust testing of ideas, and a willingness to facilitate challenging conversations.

While every engagement is different, our approach to organisational development and performance rests on four things: outside-in thinking, perceptive engagement, informed design, and a planned, people-focussed approach to change.

A systematic approach

Starting with strategy

Great operating models translate strategy into action on the ground. Good organisational design makes collaboration impact easier and underwrites engagement and impact.

We take an ‘outside-in’ approach that considers your vision, mission and public value proposition as well as external and internal drivers and priorities.

Clarity on your unique mix of functions, services and end users makes for a design process that’s grounded in outcomes and users’ needs.

Perceptive engagement and great design

While priorities and our engagement methodology will vary depending on what challenges you’re facing, our work typically focusses on structure, governance, culture and leadership, people and capability, systems and processes, and partners and co-producers.

Everything required to translate a strategy into action, tailored to your unique authorising, strategic and operating environment.

A planned approach to change, from day one

Strong engagement along the way adds up to better design and change that sticks.

A planned, people-focussed approach to change provides your people with a common language for talking about change, and empowers leaders at all levels to bring about new ways of working.

Some of our organisational design and performance projects

  • Sustainable, future-ready operating models for new and fast-growing regulators
  • Organisational development and operating model reviews for emergency services organisations
  • Organisational design and operating model reviews for large not-for-profit community sector organisations
  • Regional management arrangements for geographically-dispersed service delivery organisations
  • Organisational design for a public sector integrity bodies
  • Reviews of functions and capabilities for member organisations and government departments
  • Leadership capability frameworks for courts and tribunals
  • Process reviews and redesigns for government departments and public agencies
  • Supporting regional health services to merge their clinical and corporate services 
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