Supporting Australia’s defence families

Strategic planning for the Returned & Services League of Australia

Strategic planning for the Returned & Services League of Australia

Together for good – the client challenge

Formed in 1916, the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) is one of Australia’s oldest charitable organisations.

The RSL promotes the interests and welfare of Australia’s defence families and works with a wide range of partners to deliver holistic services that help current and past serving men and women return to health, work and civilian life, and support the injured get back to health, physically and psychologically.

RSL plays a vitally important role in Australia’s commemoration events, including ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other important dates throughout the year.

Bringing the right thinking and people to the table

We partnered with the RSL National Board to develop a draft Strategic Plan for the organisation, and explore key opportunities (tail winds) and challenges (head winds) in the organisation’s external environment.

We considered political environment, social, technological, regulatory, environmental and ethical trends, always keeping Australia’s defence families at the centre of our thinking.


“It was a privilege to work with a revered organisation that supports today’s defence families, and acts as a symbol of respect and remembrance for those who risked and lost their lives in defence of our country.”
Ben Schramm
Managing Partner, Cube Group
The positive change we delivered

Our work produced a draft strategic direction for RSL National that explored:

  • Outstanding service delivery for Australia’s defence families

  • Being an insightful voice and champion for service men, women and their families

  • Continuing to build connections across Australia’s diverse and vibrant communities

  • Sparking new and exciting partnerships and collaborations

  • Continuing to operate as a capable, connected and high-performing national organisation

More information about Australia’s RSL is available via

Insights for inquisitive minds
  • When developing strategy for a national organisation, it’s important to ensure priorities and directions align to, complement and inform the strategic priorities of State and Territory branches around the country

  • Contemporary member-based organisations understand that every person, family, geography and generation they represent have different needs and wants, and this needs to be central in the strategy-setting process

  • When working with an iconic organisation that is part of a country’s social fabric, it’s important to balance a deep respect for history with an eye to the future, and opportunities for modernisation and change.