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An exciting strategic direction for Victoria’s
growth authority.

Together for good: the client challenge

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) plans high quality precincts and places for connected, prosperous and sustainable communities across Victoria.

VPA partnered with Cube Group to explore and navigate key external challenges – from our strong rate of population growth, to increasingly complex community expectations, to the impacts of climate change and digital disruption.

Our work culminated in a bold 4-year VPA strategic plan for the growth and transformation of key precincts and places in inner and middle Melbourne, outer Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Strategic Plan characterises VPA‘s commitment to being a modern, nimble and highly efficient organisation that is diverse, innovative, digitally enabled and a great place to work.

Bringing the right thinking and people to the table

VPA is part of a vibrant land use ecosystem and works alongside diverse partners and stakeholders to deliver integrated land-use, built form and infrastructure outcomes for strategic precincts and places.

We designed a bespoke engagement model that combined ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ dimensions. Key features of our approach included dynamic staff engagement workshops and focus groups, and a series of leadership team and executive ’strategy sprints’.

We also crafted an external engagement program that connected with key ‘critical friends’ of the organisation and sought their insights and perspectives about VPA’s strategic direction. Our strategic planning process involved the Board at key touch points of the journey.

By engaging smartly with VPA’s internal team, stakeholders, partners and authorisers, we were able to surface key opportunities, challenges and insights that underpinned strategy development.

The positive change we delivered

VPA’s strategic plan positions the organisation to maintaining Melbourne’s status as the world’s most liveable city, complemented by distinctive and flourishing regional cities and towns. The strategy provides VPA with a platform to focus on jobs, quality infrastructure and affordable and diverse housing options across the State.

VPA has made outstanding progress in the delivery of their strategic plan, and the organisation continues to deliver strong planning outcomes across Victoria.

VPA’s strategic plan is publicly available here:

Insights for inquisitive minds

  • Understanding growth areas requires a holistic, state-wide perspective and ‘spatial thinking’
  • Victoria’s land-use planning ecosystem contains many ‘actors’, and engaging extensively is key to aligning strategic outcomes 
  • Public entities with significant project delivery responsibilities require agile operating models that support a high ‘metabolic rate’

Cube is an ethical business

Cube is proud to be Australia's 165th Certified B Corporation and to be using our business as a force for good.

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