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June 5, 2017 | Posted by: Rosie Tran

Welcome Bridget Blackford and Rosie Tran

We are delighted to introduce Senior Consultant, Bridget Blackford and Consultant, Rosie Tran as the newest members of the growing Cube consulting team.

Bridget has extensive experience locally and internationally, designing and delivering performance improvement, business  transformation and leadership development programs in complex and challenging environments.

Rosie has recently returned to Melbourne after six years away working in Canberra (ANU’s Crawford School of Public Policy) and Sydney (commercial legal practice).

We asked Bridget and Rosie a few questions, just to get to know them a little better.

Why did you join Cube Group? 

Bridget: For me it was a combination of values alignment and the relevance of my career to date. The work I really enjoy doing closely aligns with Cube’s Public Value client focus, and the fact that Cube Group is now a B Corp really proves the philosophy about doing good things by actions and not just words. I’ve had a fairly diverse work history (journalism, political research, organisational development) and have worked in a range of industries, so I’m well equipped to transcend the sectors and service lines that Cube delivers.

Rosie: Cube Group operates at the intersection of being a private sector firm delivering to public value clients. That really appealed to me, as did the chance to make public value happen. I have an interest in public policy and this is a great opportunity to consider issues and solve problems through a different lens. I had heard great things about Cube and enjoyed getting to know some of the other Cubies throughout the recruitment process.

What are you most proud of in your career to date?

Bridget: Contributing to a significant reform of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in the UK, during a particularly tumultuous period. It was a privilege to be part of a reform process which reinforced the important role the Commission plays in protecting the rights and advocating on behalf of a range of different groups throughout society.

Rosie: I am very proud of my career journey to date which has covered: State and Local Government, academia and the private sector. The experience I’ve gained and the insights it brings to my thinking about government have been invaluable. I’ve also been honoured to have worked with many overseas research institutes and think tanks, exposing me to different cultures and ways of working.

Who has inspired you?

Bridget: There are the clients and colleagues I’ve worked with over the years who I admire for their tenacity, ethics, integrity and humour. I’ve also always admired investigative journalists for bringing important stories to light for the public.

Rosie: For me it would have to be a range of people rather than singling any one person out. Those I had the pleasure of working with in Canberra were hard-working, passionate and supportive mentors, and I am very grateful of the impact they have had on my professional development. I also admire and take inspiration from my friends, strong and intelligent women who do a lot of great work across a range of industries and sectors.

Bridget, you have worked in consulting for a while, what are the biggest lessons you have learnt in that time?

Bridget: It would be:

  • Strong, united leadership is required for sustainable positive change
  • Be prepared to challenge ‘group think’
  • Time for reflection is critical

Rosie, you have worked in the public sector for a while, what are the biggest lessons you have learnt in that time?

Rosie: Advancing a public policy position or change, must be backed by a strong evidence base.

What is on your agenda for 2017?

Bridget: I’m keen to work across a number of Cube’s services and sectors for a range of public value organisations. I also have some travel plans – with West Coast USA on my radar.

Rosie: Developing my management consulting skills, keeping up my legal skills and continuing my volunteering activities. I hope to achieve this by continuing my volunteer engagement with Hobsons Bay City Council and with WestJustice, a fantastic community legal centre in Footscray. I also plan to do my first ever half marathon this year – if this is up on the Cube website then I have to do it!

So that’s a lot of work-related things, do you have any passions outside work?

Bridget: I’m relatively new to Melbourne, so in time I’m looking to combine my passion for hiking with some travel around Melbourne, Victoria, east coast Australia and New Zealand.

Rosie: I love to travel. I would like to explore New Zealand, and would dearly love to experience the Philippines where I was born. I am also a very keen but not always adept social footy player.

Cube is about to turn fifteen, can you tell me what you were like at 15?

Bridget: I became more actively involved in social justice initiatives and discovered the world of indie music (which led to community radio).

Rosie: I was nerdy, took my school work seriously and was really into anything to do with Japan. Some might say nothing has changed! I was also in a band with my school friends as a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist….doing covers of Bon Jovi!

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