Supporting regional Australia

Driving public value for regional and rural Victorian communities

Supporting vibrant regional and rural communities

Together for good – the client challenge

Liveable, vibrant, flourishing and sustainable regional and rural communities are central to the wellbeing of all Victorians.

Population growth is predicted in some regions of Victoria, transforming the shape of regional and rural communities and industries. Harnessing and growing the abundant social, economic and environmental resources of Victoria’s communities can enable them to continue to thrive.

In 2016, the Victorian Government built on a key plank of its Regional Statement by establishing nine Regional Partnerships across the state. The Partnerships recognise that local communities understand the challenges and opportunities faced by their region and should have a greater say about what matters most to them. Regional Assemblies run by each Partnership have been attended by thousands of community members from all corners of Victoria.

Cube was engaged by Regional Development Victoria (RDV) to work with Victoria’s 9 Regional Partnerships and support them to articulate their social, economic and environmental priorities with clarity, cohesion and impact.

Bringing the right thinking and people to the table

In partnership with RDV, Cube planned and implemented a bespoke program of engagement to bring local people and communities into the conversation about the strategic priorities for their regions. Cube also facilitated a process of co-production involving local business, government and community leaders as well as senior leaders from Victorian Government departments.

Cube’s work brought community leadership to the design of local social, economic and community development. Giving local people and leaders a primary voice in setting the agenda for their community is a bold and exciting approach to strategic planning and sets the foundation for delivering services and investments in place.

Our work culminated in a suite of 9 ‘Outcomes Roadmaps’ that provided Victoria’s Regional Partnerships with a platform to communicate critical priorities and projects for their regions.

The positive change we delivered
Through genuine and careful engagement, our work helped Regional Partnerships effectively communicate critical outcomes for their regions, and the project enabled government to strategically align programs and investments to the needs of regional and rural families, communities and industries
The Roadmaps and information about Victoria’s Regional Partnerships, is available via:
Insights for inquisitive minds
  • Regional and rural communities have unique needs, wants and personalities – diverse, tailored and flexible engagement is a must
  • Connecting with regional communities means hitting the road and spending time in place with the local people and local businesses
  • When working with regional and rural communities, language and relationships matter – no fluff, be honest and keep your promises.
“Regional and rural communities are the heartbeat of a thriving State.”
Ben Schramm
Managing Partner, Cube Group