Carla Carroll


About Carla

A keen program manager and strategic planner specialising in the biomedical and health fields, Carla’s work focuses on the use of technology in achieving an equitable society.

Known for her conceptual thinking and problem solving skills, she brings her structured and organised nature to complex data analysis projects. Carla effortlessly sees both the high-level view and the details, understanding how individual issues make up the bigger picture. She excels at taking in relevant information and communicating complex ideas to non-experts.

With a desire to leave the world better than she found it, Carla is committed to public value and its role in improving society for all Australians.

Carla is passionate about queer rights, authenticity and self-expression. She’s a self-described “classic nerd” who loves sci-fi, video games and cats.

Experience  |  Highlights

Carla's recent work includes:
  • Management and facilitation of the Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) program, including:
    • Project management of the InGeNA steering committee, sub-committees and working teams, including to ensure the development and implementation of InGeNA deliverables.
    • Collating priorities from internal stakeholders into a cohesive strategy for the organisation, to guide advocacy activities and develop a program of deliverables.
    • Internal and external stakeholder engagement for the InGeNA program, bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to an agreed position on key issues while presenting a united voice to external groups.
    • Co-ordination of professional networks & strategic partnerships, including development of strong partnerships with other key players within the genomics industry.
    • Writing and distributing a weekly members bulletin, regularly collaborating with the marketing department on publication launches, newsletters, and the InGeNA website.

Education | Accreditation 

  • MBA, Melbourne Business School
  • M. Phil (Medical Microbiology), University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Science (Microbiology and Immunology), University of Melbourne