Project and Change Management

Guiding effective projects and embedding lasting change.

Making change happen

To achieve lasting change and meaningful outcomes for the community, it is critical for public value organisations to run successful projects.

The best projects require the right governance structures, an understanding of exactly what you want to achieve, a clear roadmap that everyone can follow, and robust risk management.

There are many different ways we help organisations achieve project outcomes. We provide direct project management, project management support, or a blend of both through project enablement – a Cube-designed approach that enables you and your team to focus on the things you are best at, whilst we perform a range of project management activities. These might include performance and quality management, benefits management and monitoring, stakeholder engagement, management frameworks and guidelines, and/or implementations, reviews and assurance. We help clients manage change through a variety offerings, including: stakeholder analysis, management plans, and corresponding engagement; change impact assessments, management, strategies, frameworks, and plans; communications plans; readiness assessments; and post-implementation reviews.

Our practical, tailored approach enables your organisation to more effectively deliver lasting public value outcomes

All projects, big and small

Our team has extensive experience working on projects of varying size and complexity and our project managers specialise in all stages of the project life cycle from planning and project initiation, through to delivery, rollout and evaluation.

We regularly project manage and enable project delivery across a full spectrum of project types including: strategy development, reviews and evaluations, organisational transformations and re-structures, major procurement, public private partnerships, and technology implementation. Our approach includes the use of best practice assessments, including contestability reviews, business cases (including scoping studies), defined scope and objectives, cost modelling and analysis, resource analysis and strategies, design and mapping, stakeholder engagement, current and future state analysis, and evaluation strategies and methodologies.

Our clear focus on outcomes and benefits helps to create real value in the community.

Some of our project management and delivery projects
  • Project management for delivery of secondary school programs and assessments
  • Design of a PMF for a global education leader
  • Delivery of a large-scale cultural change program for a national disability and aged care provider
  • Transformation program to strengthen Victoria’s biosecurity system
  • Project management for child protection operating model reforms
  • Project Management Office operations for community service system reforms
  • Coordination of legislative impact assessment for a high value primary industry
  • Project management for delivery of a major health information and analytics system
  • Development of an integrated project management framework for major infrastructure investments
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