Daniel Cziperle


About Daniel

A highly respected health sector leader, Daniel is passionate about improved patient outcomes, equitable access, and financially sustainable health systems.

Specialising in strategy, transformation, service planning, commercial, and workforce design in health services, Daniel has a balanced approach which focuses on both current and future organisational goals.

Daniel’s global strategic planning and execution experience includes working with boards, senior executives and clinicians in Australia, Puerto Rico and the US, across the health value chain including: Private health insurers, hospital and health services (academic, private, and public), allied health providers, departments of health, digital and virtual health start-ups, financial institutions, and life sciences companies.

In his personal time, Daniel enjoys Melbourne’s live music, art galleries, and bushwalks. Originally from Chicago, he pays homage by regularly recreating his hometown’s famous deep-dish pizza.

Experience  |  Highlights

Daniel's experience includes:
  • Led the development of a 10-year private hospital services growth plan across all hospitals as part of master planning.

  • Supported various strategic planning and business development efforts for a 400+ bed paediatric medical centre, including:

    • Conducted market research and quantitative analysis to identify complex paediatric physical and mental health needs, presenting findings and recommendations to medical centre and hospital growth executive leadership teams.

    • Developed business cases for hospital partnerships and new infrastructure planning.

    • Worked with NICU specialist medical staff and emergency patient transport teams to project demand and manage NICU bed census.

  • Supported the analysis of projected clinical services demand, comparator services, emerging models of care (e.g., HiTH), changing catchment patient demographics and behaviour, and workforce supply to inform the development of health services plan.

  • Formulated a consolidated view of customer and validated hypotheses of additional commercial value from adopting customer-centric strategy. Identified market opportunities utilising health and wellbeing consumer behaviour to develop the organisation’s customer relationship and growth strategy across health, financial wellbeing, and aged care portfolios.

  • Supported strategic planning for several private health funds.

  • Designed and developed a digital health vision and five-year strategy with the health service’s medical staff and executives. This included the development of a strategic framework, emerging digital and virtual health trends, high-level initiative roadmap, and alignment of the digital health strategy to the health service’s enterprise-level strategic plan.

Education | Accreditation

  • Master of Health Administration, Health Management and Policy – Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA

  • Master of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management – Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA

  • Bachelor of Science, Health Information Management – Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA

  • Leadership and Policy in Mental Health – University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre

  • Associate Fellow – Australasian College of Health Service Management