Commercial and Finance

Commercial advice, agile procurement and investments that drive public value.

Thinking differently

It’s critical that public value organisations interact effectively with the private sector and funding bodies, take a strategic approach to procurement and achieve maximum value from available funding and revenue.

Cube Group brings a unique ‘end-to-end’ approach to your commercial projects. Many of our team members have been in your role. They bring on-the-job experience and understand the challenges you face, such as dealing with the subtle complexities of governmental processes and public/private partnerships.

Increasing value

We help our clients to use public funds in smart ways. That means maximising the return on public dollars and delivering cost effective services for organisations, the government and the community.

We evaluate tenders and negotiate contracts to help you reach the best agreements, then establish frameworks to manage them. We develop business cases, undertake general financial analysis, advise on how to manage financial risk, explore efficiencies and assess both in-house and external resource options.

Panel membership

Cube Group is a member of the Victorian Government’s Professional Advisory Services (PAS) Panel for Commercial and Financial Advisory in all six of its categories:

  • Strategic Policy Review, and Reform Project Development
  • Business Case Preparation and Development
  • Market Engagement and Implementation
  • Commercial Contract Management
  • Project, Program and Business Review
  • General Commercial Advice
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Some of our commercial and finance projects
  • Commercial advice and evaluation of wagering licence allocation
  • Contract management framework for a critical State Government transport franchise
  • Development of Whole-of-Government Investment Management Lifecycle Guidelines
  • Contract negotiations for state-wide communications equipment
  • End-to-end procurement for asbestos removal in education facilities
  • Delivery of contract administration course for Institute of Public Administration Australia
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