Gee Stewart-James


About Gee

Personable and an imaginative thinker, Gee works with organisations to improve their focus and performance.
Gee’s deep curiosity for organisational culture is evident in their approach to projects. Driven by experience in organisational design and performance, project management and data analysis Gee delivers tangible outcomes for public purpose organisations.
A naturally well-prepared group facilitator, Gee brings profound interest and insight for change and culture to a range of public purpose problems. For their clients this can flip the switch and create a lightbulb moment where culture and leadership were not in frame.
Gee’s love for facilitation extends beyond business hours – they host epic Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for mates (complete with character voices). When not fantasy facilitating, you will find Gee hitting up the boxing ring.

Experience  |  Highlights

Gee's recent work includes:
  • Supported the delivery of the VCE and VCAL 2020 program with robust and fit-for purpose project management approaches. This program included a significant initiative to introduce a consideration of education disadvantage process for all Victorian Students in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

  • Led the NCN Health Board through the development of their inaugural Strategic Plan, including deep community and workforce engagement.

  • Supported the development of a successful business case for greater investment in Victoria’s outstanding screen industry.

  • Led the delivery of an organisational redesign process for NCN Health to supporting operational alignment with their strategic plan.

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Social Science)
  • Trimetrix EQ – Triple Science Profile (including DISC, Motivators and Emotional Quotient) accredited