Chris Porter


About Chris

An eternal optimist, Chris is inspired by ideas that make the world a better place. Chris brings his positive energy to work by always looking for opportunities to empower others through inclusive and open-minded approaches to engagement.

Chris is a skilled facilitator, known for his thoughtful workshop design, and his ability to listen deeply and capture insights. Taking a systems-thinking approach to analysis and problem solving, drawing from his broad background in both physical and social sciences, enables Chris to bring a pragmatic and balanced perspective when working on complex issues.

Prior to joining Cube, Chris held multiple project and policy roles in the Victorian Public Service. Chris’ public sector experience includes leading large-scale renewable energy programs and developing core climate change aspects of state water policy. Chris has also put his skills and abilities to good use in a volunteer capacity delivering youth leadership programs.

When the weather is good (and sometimes even when it isn’t) Chris can be found outdoors keeping active through cycling, hiking or scuba diving. On the off chance you find Chris indoors he will be diving into a good book or stretching his mind with a crossword.

Experience  |  Highlights

Chris' recent work includes:
  • Leading deep stakeholder engagement and refining strategic directions Climate Active, a Commonwealth Government climate action program

  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions with the Board of Blue Light Victoria as part of Cube’s Good Things program

  • Supporting impactful engagement activities for a State-wide program of Local Jobs Forums for Jobs Victoria, and leading analysis and reporting of the findings

  • Crafting strong foundations for long term strategic plans in multiple Victorian regions, building shared visions for the future across regional leaders

  • Delivering workshops and designing tools to guide business planning for a key Victorian Government delivery agency

  • Shaping core features of a foundational strategic plan for a lead emergency services agency

Education | Accreditation | Boards

  • Bachelor of Environments (Landscape Management) – Honours (Sociology)

  • Certified Associated Project Management