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February 14, 2020 | Posted by: Ben Schramm

Resilience and high performance during a time of disruption

If you did a quick pulse check of your organisation’s strategic direction, performance and impact, how would you rate?

The reality of today’s public purpose world is that we’re all running fast on the ‘important and urgent’ hamster wheel, and it’s hard to step back and think about the health and future of our organisations.

Diagnostics can help break that cycle, and I believe they are a terrific catalyst for change because they act as a mirror that provides an honest, accurate, and often uncomfortable, reflection.

Here’s a diagnostic tool containing 15 questions, and a simple scorecard to assess your results. It asks for 5-10 minutes of your day over a tea or coffee, which is time we all need to find for things that matter. 

Are you part of a modern, agile and high performing public purpose organisation? Are you maximising the difference you are making for communities, economies and our planet?

Give the diagnostic a whirl to find out.

Cube is an ethical business

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